Learn from the best.

Let’s face it. You’re always looking to improve your game. Our seasoned staff professionals can provide valuable tips and techniques to lower your handicap. Individual lessons are available for all ability levels. Affordable group lessons are also offered. Beginners will benefit from our Get Golf Ready programs, which are offered year-round, and teach basic techniques to build skills and make the game fun. Five group lessons cost just $99.

To schedule a Lesson today, call (830)997-4010 or email us directly.

Get the right fit for you.

To play at your best, your clubs should fit you as well as your shoes. We offer state-of-the-art fitting with our Ping N-Flight launch monitor and software. You’ll learn your numbers, launch angles, clubhead speed and more—everything you need to know about your technique and where you can improve it.

For more information and to schedule a fitting, call (830)997-4010 or email us directly.