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Hole #1 (Four Par)

One of the more challenging opening holes in the Hill Country with a very tight driving area. Accuracy over distance is crucial.

Hole #3 (Five Par)

The first Par 5 on the course offers a challenging carry from the tee to clear Live Oak creek. Big hitters can reach the green in two, with many chances for birdies. Wayward shots will go left, requiring an awkward pitch.

Hole #4 (Three Par)

A great re-creation of the famous Redan hole in Scotland. Golfers must carry the bunkers guarding the green and get the ball to stop on a green that runs away from front to back. A bail out area right of the green allows for conservative golfers to play away from the bunkers but leaves a tough pitch.

Hole #5 (Five Par)

The second par 5 plays downwind most of the year and features the widest fairway on the course. The golfer can either lay up to the cross bunkers or go for the green in two. The green is perched along a bluff overlooking Live Oak creek with no room right or long.

Hole #6 (Three Par)

This par 3 rivals the top par 3 holes in Texas. Stretching from 105 to 194 yards, this downhill hole will make you beg for the ball to get on the ground.

Hole #7 (Four Par)

This is a drivable Par 4 with 7 different tees. You’ll be tempted to try to thread the needle to get your ball on the putting surface for a chance at Eagle. There is plenty of room to lay-up if you choose, leaving only a wedge to the longest green on the course.

Hole #8 (Four Par)

This hole turns back south into our normal wind. A semi blind tee shot favoring the
left side leaves the best angle to attack the flag.

Hole #9 (Four Par)

This hole’s sloping fairway and uphill second shot provide a challenge to any golfer. A generous bailout area short and left is not a bad option if your tee shot finds the trees.

Hole #10 (Five Par)

This is the third Par 5 on the course and can be reached in two with a couple of well struck shots. A large layup area short of the pond allows a more conservative approach to playing the hole.

Hole #11 (Three Par)

This is a classic par 3 that looks like a US Open type hole. Tricky winds swirl through this part of the course, so choose your club carefully.

Hole #14 (Five Par)

This is the last par 5 on the course, but offers no guaranteed birdies. Its double dogleg is 611 yards from the back tee and requires precise placement on the second shot for the correct angle to the green. Golfer’s would be wise to ignore the hole location and hit for the fat part of the green over or left of the green side bunker.

Hole #15 (Four Par)

This hole features a big dogleg right par 4 around the lake and offers a very Pinehurst-like green.

Hole #16 (Three Par)

Many consider this our signature hole. It’s a very challenging par 3 that can play 205 yards from the back into a prevailing wind. Water will grab anything coming up short but golfers have tons of room to bail out to the left.

Hole #18 (Four Par)

This hole plays uphill with a pretty tight fairway and a very deep green. A par here will certainly bring you back.