The Golf Swing..

The Golf Swing….What I know….
No two swings are exactly alike and after watching people for over 30 years I know that more than ever. I can’t say that there are too many things that are the same for everyone regardless of what the books might say.
I do know that people work on their full swing too much and neglect the short game and they hit way too many drivers when they do work on their swing. I also know that balance and rhythm play a big role in making repeating swings.
Golfers tend to play their driver too far back in their stance and too far forward with their irons. I also see dad’s, husbands & friends give bad advice to beginners usually just by saying too much.
Grip pressure should be light but that is relative to the individual and you will never catch a tour player working without some alignment tool. You can’t see yourself swing so get a professional teacher you trust to work on your game.
Distance is nice but not if you can’t control it, controlling your trajectory is more important than how far you hit a club.