Golf is….

Golf is…..

From time to time the folks that hang out at a golf course get me to thinking about this game and what it means. I have spent 31 years working at a course almost every day, and I still say I have the greatest job in the world because I get to go to the golf course every day! So here are some thoughts I have been chewing on lately.

Golf is a game that can humble you
• As soon as the words come out of your mouth that you have it figured out the golf gods reach down from the sky and slap you silly. The act of playing a good round of golf more often than not is an accident. When you try too hard and put too much pressure on your game is when you start counting the steps instead of dancing.
Golf is a game that requires practice
• You can’t substitute repetition but practicing endlessly without a goal is counterproductive. Spend more time on your short game, practice with your entire routine, practice to a variety of targets. Drivers are cool but hitting more than 5 in a row tends to destroy rhythm and balance.
Golf is a game of fellowship
• Enjoy your fellow players and encourage them. Applaud good shots and want them to play well, it will make it easier to get a game next time. Ask the Pro to play, seldom thought of but I will play golf with anybody I just need to schedule the time.
Golf is a game of integrity
• Some people call me a rules nazi but I don’t think I am, I do know the rules and have called more than a few on myself. I didn’t enjoy it but don’t think I could have slept at night without calling the penalty.
Golf is a game that is not cheap
• With the cost of drivers topping $400 and irons in a lot of cases over $1,000 this game isn’t cheap but those aren’t the numbers that really make me cringe. The cost of golf course upkeep is getting ridiculous; the cost of a greens mower is approaching $30,000 and a fairway mower over $50K! Chemicals continue to be taken off the market with replacements more expensive and every delivery we get for just about anything has a fuel surcharge attached. When the US Open was brown and dry this year we might have been looking at the future of golf.
Golf is a game for all ages
• We have people playing golf here with ages that range from 5 to 95. Think about that for a minute, name another sport that supports such a wide range of ages.