From the Pro: 3 Tips for Grips

Every day I get asked about the Rules of Golf, proper golf etiquette, golf equipment and situations unique to our course here at Lady Bird. Here’s this week’s question:

“I’ve read that you should re-grip your clubs every year, but I’ve also read that keeping your clubs in the trunk of your car causes the grips to deteriorate faster. My clubs stay in my car. How do I determine when I need new grips?”

  • If you play a normal amount of golf then yes, you should re-grip your clubs once a year.
  • Leaving them in the car will cause them to deteriorate faster. Be aware that if you leave your clubs in the car the epoxy can break down and you might end up with a flying clubhead!
  • Cleaning your grips once a month helps keep them in good shape. Just use mild soap and a stiff brush.

Alan Wooley, PGA

Director of Golf

Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course