From the Pro: 3 Tips to Help You Play More Like Jordan Spieth

I know how to bring down the ratings of NFL Playoff games – Put Jordan Spieth in prime time on a beautiful golf course lapping the field in the Tournament of Champions.

What can we learn from watching him play golf that could help our games? We might not ever be physically capable of hitting the ball as well as he can, but with a little work I think we can copy a few things:

  1. Let go of the last shot. Every shot he hits, he talks to; but the warranty on that shot is 30 seconds or 10 steps – whichever comes first. After you have hit a bad shot, let it go!
  2. Pace is most important when putting. Jordan is basically making 1 out of every 4 putts between 15 and 25 feet. The ones he doesn’t make are pretty darn close to the hole, and he doesn’t have to work very hard on his next putt.
  3. Play to small targets. The last thing his caddy reminds him of on every shot is small targets. All of us are guilty of hitting shots without a clear target and then say something along the lines of, “Well, I hit straight, I must have been lined up there.” Alignment could be the problem, but if you’re really focused on a small target, the body has a way of always trying to swing the club at the target anyway.

Alan Wooley, PGA

Director of Golf

Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course