From the Pro: Bunker 101

Golf etiquette goes beyond knowing where to drive your cart, fixing ball marks and filling divots. Here’s a little “Bunker 101” to remember next time you visit Lady Bird Golf Course.

Nearly every golfer I see rakes the bunkers incorrectly. They almost always rake the bunker down from the lip towards them as they exit the bunker.

How to correctly rake bunkers:

  1. Push the sand with the rake towards the lip to cover your footprints and the splash area where you hit from.
  2. Gently push and pull the sand to cover your exit footprints.

Did you know an exposed bunker liner would be considered an immovable obstruction? According to rule 24, under that circumstance a player would have two options:

  1. Take relief inside the bunker not nearer the hole and within one club-length that affords relief with no penalty. The player would be required to drop the ball in the bunker.
  2. Drop the ball under penalty of one stroke outside the bunker, keeping that spot and the flagstick in line with no limit on how far back they could go.


Alan Wooley, PGA

Director of Golf

Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course