From the Pro: Golf Cart Thoughts

Recently I had one of our regulars give me a copy of what he thought were the most important things for people to know when they ride in a golf cart. I thought it was very interesting for him to take the time to pen this document and wanted to share a couple of his thoughts.

  • Watch everyone hit their shots so you know where to go.
  • Park the cart behind the green so you don’t have to walk back to get it and record scores on the next tee.
  • If you must put headcovers on after each shot, do so while the cart is moving. Or, if driving, do so when you get to your next shot.
  • Few players want to hear a narrative of your shot. Complement a good shot and complement those people who are considerate driving a golf cart.
  • “Cart Path Only” means cart path only.

He had several more that I might share in the future but the idea is: pay attention and don’t be one of those people whose IQ goes down 50 points when they get behind the wheel of a golf cart.


Alan Wooley, PGA

Director of Golf

Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course