From the Pro: Rotation, Flexibility & Core Strength

Rotation, flexibility and core strength are essential elements in any solid golf swing. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when focusing on fitness and your golf game:

  • Remember the golf club is a relatively light object that is swung in a motion around your body; so bulky muscles don’t really do you much good. Linear movements of traditional weight lifting such as push-ups, bench presses, etc. do not help as much as you think.
  • Instead of focusing on bulk lifting, rotation exercises are much more beneficial. If you have access to cable type weights, pulling exercises with both hands and in both directions are great work. Swinging a weighted club is a great exercise, but make sure you swing in both directions to balance out your body. Also, since the golf club is light, try to do you workouts with lighter weights, more reps, and full range of motion.
  • Core strength is also important to help stabilize your swing and maintain your posture. There are many places to access information on core strength exercises. I would stay away from traditional sit ups because if you do them incorrectly you can hurt your back.

Exercise is important for the golfer in order to remain limber and maximize swing power and rotation. Try to set yourself up on a program for the year, or just do 10-15 minutes a few times per week to start! Have questions? Give us a call or stop by the pro shop.


Alan Wooley, PGA

Director of Golf

Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course